3 Tips to Stop Heartburn

Man with HeartburnHeartburn is tremendously uncomfortable thing, yet awfully common, and it is not clear what causes it. There are a lot of misconceptions, where some people say, “do not eat so fast” others say “ do not eat so much”,” do not lay on the coat after eating” etc. Moreover others place the blame on spicy foods, while others blame foods that have acids. However, the overall long-term goal of each and every person remains the same: how to identify and stop your heartburn. And these are the 3 tips to stop heartburn that can work wonders for you.

Tip 1: Watch Your Diet 

Pay attention to your eating habits. Fatty foods, whole milk, highly acidic fruits like oranges and tomatoes, coffee, as well as spicy foods all can irritate your lower esophagus and trigger heartburn. Lemons and oranges are extremely alkaline. Additionally, avoid or consume small portions of red meats, sugary things such as baked snacks. Also, avoid excessive consumption of coffee and tea. Limit your coffee intake to two cups daily and at least add some green herbal or fruit teas rather. Make sure you swap fizzy, carbonated drinks such as sodas and diluted juices and have at least 2 days free from alcohol.

Tip 2: Stop Smoking

Smoking diminishes the amount of saliva produced in the mouth. As you know, saliva is one of your body’s defenses against esophagus damage and acts as an acid neutralizing substance. Moreover, smoking stimulates the amount of acid produced in the stomach causing the esophageal sphincter to relax and making it more prone to allow acid back up from the stomach. To the extreme, it can cause injuries to your esophagus at the same time inhibiting digestion. Give up smoking or use of tobacco at any means. Smoking nicotine causes the lower esophagus sphincter muscle to grow weaker, paving way to stomach acid into the esophagus.

Tip 3 Keep Moving

Healthy excise can improve digestion, and at the same time assist you keep regular. At least you can aim to do 30-40 minutes of gentle aerobic activity each day, like cycling, dancing, walking and swimming. If 30-40 minutes of constant exercise are strenuous, break it down into fifteen minute sessions instead. Jogging can also stop heartburn, because it keeps your body upright and the use of gravity keeps the food down. Do not stretch on the coach after a heavy meal as this block the esophagus to transport food to the small intestines for digestion.

In conclusion, the overall, the 3 tips above need not be performed simultaneously. You can prefer to make a few changes to help you with your heartburn. If you get no relief from the changes, you may see your doctor as quickly as possible since there could be an underlying medical reason behind your heartburn.

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Natural wonders to fight acid reflux


The bliss of Mother Nature

Mother Nature holds lots of blessings that can be pretty useful for our health. If you have been fighting acid reflux for quite some time and still unable to find a good cure then I think I have the perfect solution to your problem. You should try to heal the natural way. I will just introduce you to some natural foods that can be extremely useful to treat acid reflux. If you consume these items religiously and with faith then you will heal and can even prevent acid reflux in the near future.

Natural healing secrets beyond imagination

1.      The healing powers of Aloe Vera

We are all well versed with the various healing benefits of Aloe Vera. Well let me tell you that now there is an array of hope

gerd diet

gerd diet

for your acid reflux as well because Aloe Vera has the power to overcome this problem. It is available in liquid form and you can also buy the leaves of the plants from various stores and consume it.

2.      Revealing a whole new advantage of ginger

We have all used ginger to add flavor to our dishes. Let me tell you something new. Ginger has great anti-inflammatory properties that make it great to fight gastrointestinal conditions like  acid reflux. You can add some of it to smoothies to add flavor and health benefits both.

3.      The anti-acid reflux properties of banana, melon, celery and parsley

gerd diet

gerd diet

Everything is there in the world for a reason. Most people are afraid of consuming bananas primarily because they feel that bananas promote weight gain. Well this is one side of the story. Do you know that banana has great health benefits?  It can greatly help you with GERD. Similarly a melon can also prove to be a healthy remedy for acid reflux. Moreover, do not limit parsley and celery to salads because they have a wider meaning and they can actually help you with GERD symptoms. Raw vegetables give the best benefits when consumed in the raw form.

4.      The magic of cauliflower and broccoli

Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can also prove to be wonder drugs and can help in visibly reducing the symptoms of GERD that may be hampering your life. Make it a routine to consume some of these vegetables on daily basis.

Treasuring the bliss

I have just mentioned the various benefits of Natural foods that can greatly help to fight GERD. I do not advise that you should not take medication if you need it, but we all know quite well that we cannot continue medication for GERD forever. The only way out is that we adopt a healthy lifestyle like consuming the foods mentioned above if we want to remain healthy and conquer the battle. Moreover, emerge victorious in the end. Even your medical practitioner would be happy that you want to bring about a healthy change in your lifestyle and this is nevertheless a change for the better.


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The energy packed and healthy drinks your lethal weapon against GERD

We all find carbonated drinks divine. However, the bad news is that carbonated drinks can lead to GERD. However, consuming some drinks is addictive for many of us so we have to find a way out. The perfect solution is that we can replace the unhealthy drinks by drinks that are healthy for consumption and will prevent an outbreak of GERD symptoms. Well I will give you some choices and then you would not regret saying goodbye to carbonated drinks. The following are some of the best choices I could think of.

The divine drinks  that do not put you at a risk of Acid Reflux

  • Topping the list Herbal Tea

People have been consuming Herbal Tea since ancient times because of its so many health benefits. The best part is that it is good for the digestive system and would surely not trigger off acid reflux. Moreover, you can easily consume about three cups of Herbal tea in a day. When you consume the Herbal tea after meals , it accelerates the digestive process and keeps you healthy.

gerd diet

gerd diet

  • The magic of the skim milk

We at all stages of our life do need an adequate amount of milk. The prime reason is that we need to strengthen our bones that would otherwise become brittle because of less calcium intake. However, if you fear GERD then the best thing to do is to consume skim milk. The reason is that skim milk does not contain a lot of fats.

  • Pamper yourself with Citrus free juices
gerd diet

gerd diet

Some fruits contain Citric acid therefore you are reluctant to consume those juices as they may trigger off your acid reflux. On the other hand there are healthy options like you can consume cabbage juice. There are other good options as well like carrot juice, aloe vera juice and apple juice. Therefore you can have these juices without any threat related to acid reflux.


  • Making use of the natural gift water

The easiest solution to fight GERD is by consuming an adequate amount of water every day. Usually medical practitioners recommend about six to eight glasses of water a day. It keeps the body hydrated and help to fight GERD symptoms since all the unnecessary toxins are removed from the body. Therefore, make it a habit to consume lots of water every day if you really value your health.


gerd diet

gerd diet

Treasuring your health

Health is undoubtedly the biggest asset. Even when we face less serious issues like GERD the quality of life is affected. Sometimes we cannot eliminate a condition from the scratch, but we can at least try to reduce the symptoms. The suggested drinks can be pretty useful for you and make it a habit to consume some of them every day. Moreover, hydration is also necessary for other vital functions of your body. Therefore, say no to carbonated drinks and follow the healthy path. You would surely not regret making this choice.

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The flawless diet plan to protect your kid from GERD disease

We all know that children are hard to convince especially when it comes to food. They surely want to have to their own way. However, it becomes a problem for us moms to decide what to feed them when they suffering from GERD symptoms. Handling GERD is far more difficult for the kids and we just do not want to put them on too much medication at such a tender age. The remedy lies in giving them food that would not instigate the GERD symptoms in the first place. I will just introduce you to a few options that the kids would eat willingly and yet the foods will be healthy for them.

The desirable GERD free Food for kids

Children are ardent believers of the fact that variety is the spice of life so we moms especially have to come up with an out of the box idea every day.

  • Children simply love pasta.  You can introduce it any form. My child’s personal favorite is meatballs with pasta. It would cater to the child’s appetite plus keep him healthy. However, there is one thing you need to take care of and that is you should use lean beef so that the child does not consume fats in abundance that can lead to GERD symptoms.
  • Nuggets are another craze among kids. If you are willing to give a complete meal to your kids you can serve the
    gerd diet

    gerd diet

    chicken nuggets with rice.

  • I believe that children should be introduced to seafood as well because of the endless health benefits. Moreover, you do not have to fear that your child will come to you complaining about GERD if he consumes Crunchy fish sticks. The best part is that fish is low in fat so it would surely do the child no harm. It would even be fine if you serve fish dishes on frequent basis.
  • We cannot ban dairy items from the kid’s life because children are in a growing stage and they do need to have an adequate amount of calcium in their diet, but we do not want to trigger off the acid reflux symptoms. Well where there is a will there is a way. You can serve your child chicken and cheese bake provided you opt for  low fat cheese and skimmed milk. Moreover, you should opt for skinless chicken breasts as they are low in fat.


gerd diet

gerd diet

Being the smart mom

If you pamper the child with the stated dishes believe me your child would remain far away from GERD. The best part is that he would feel that mom is going an extra mile to bring up the best platter. Remember depriving the child is never the solution. The real solution lies in figuring out the middle way out so that the child does not believe that acid reflux is a curse and will sabotage his life. Moreover, these foods would not take you endless hours in the kitchen especially if you are skilled in cooking. Therefore, give your child the right food to retain his health.


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Dessert to be relished without the fear of GERD

If you are a sweet tooth then I am going to reveal one of the great desert recipes that would not lead to GERD  under any  circumstances. You can enjoy every moment of this tempting dessert and at the same time lead a healthy life. Therefore, let us unveil this mouth watering recipe that will surely make your day. Therefore, you do not need to grumble anymore that you cannot satisfy your dessert craving because of Acid Reflux.

The appetizing dessert with no prevalent risk of GERD

  • Relish the flavor of Apple Brown Betty. If you are yearning for a traditional American dessert then there can be no better choice then Apple Brown Betty. The best part is that this dessert is low in fats so does not possess any potential dangers to your health. Therefore let us unveil the mind blowing recipe.

  The key ingredients

  • Two apples peeled along with being cored.
  • One tablespoon of lime juice.
  • Wheat bread approximately about five slices.
  • Half a cup of brown sugar.
  • A teaspoon of cinnamon.
  • Three-fourth cup of apple juice without sugar.

Using up the ingredients for a marvelous recipe

You have to start off with pre-heating the oven to about three-hundred and seventy-five degrees. The apples have to be finely diced and then you simply need to add the lime juice and do the toss. The next step is the stacking of the bread slices and then they should be sliced into very thin strips. You need to turn the bread strip for cutting them into very small cubes. Take a smaller bowl and combine  the cinnamon and the sugar in that bowl. Now get hold of a cooking spray  and take a small baking tray that measures approximately 8 inch by 8 inch. You should then consider covering the baking dish with  about 1/3 of the sugar and cinnamon mixture. Then you should be sprinkling 1/3 of the bread cut into small cubes into the baking dish.

gerd diet

gerd diet


You should keep repeating the mentioned step until the entire sugar, apples and the bread mixture is used up. The last step is pouring apple juice over the mixture placed in the baking dish. You need to bake the mixture in the baking dish for about forty minutes till you start to see the bubbles in the mixture. The best part is that the dish can serve about six people who are willing to have a healthy dessert only.

A must to eat

The mentioned recipe only contains about one hundred and ninety calories so this surely makes it a healthy one and you are only consuming about  1.2g of fat. Therefore, wake up from  the acid reflux nightmare as this dessert will treat your appetite plus keep you healthy. Therefore, this recipe proves one point that you just have to make the right selection among the available desserts  and you do not need to ban the sweet flavors.

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Foods that can prove to be the root cause of acid reflux

Our diet can plays a vital role in controlling significant health problems like gastroesophageal reflux disease commonly known as GERD. The common mistake we people do is that we jump to medications immediately when we can easily control the acid reflux through our diet. However, the main part is that you have to discover which foods trigger off the GERD symptoms and can add misery to your life. If you can figure this problem out then you can surely look forward to a healthy life. Well I will just help you in this regard to make your problem easier.

Foods that can aggravate your GERD symptoms

1.      The fearsome fats

Do you know that the consumption of fatty and fried foods actually result in delaying the process of emptying your stomach? Therefore, you can become more prone to acid reflux. The step you need to undertake is that you have to reduce the intake of fats. Let me give you an insight into the foods that are rich in fats.

  • You will have to bid farewell to sauces that are rich in cream.
  • It is also time to bid farewell to onion rings and French fries.
  • You will have to cut down on your red meat consumption that includes lamb and beef.
  • You might be surprised to know that even dairy products are rich in fats. Therefore eliminate butter, whole milk and cream from your diet as well.

2.      The citric diet

gerd diet

gerd diet


If you love oranges and grapefruit then I have a bad news for you and that is you will need to eliminate the citrus fruits from your diet. This includes pineapple and lime as well. These fruits tend to trigger off the GERD symptoms and can make your condition worst.

3.      Forget about bringing a spicy flavor to your food

Do you know that when you consume a lot of chilli and spice in your food, it can aggravate the GERD symptoms. This is the prime reason that whenever you are battling acid reflux, the first thing that the doctors recommend is to cut down on the spice in your food as well.

4.      Gradually kill your love for the chocolates

gerd diet

gerd diet

You may be a sweet tooth, but you have to realize that you should not be consuming chocolates on a very frequent basis. Methyxanthin is an element that is present in chocolates. It tends to relax the LES smooth muscles and the result is acid reflux.

Maintaining the quality of life

Well  you would have to keep in view that the mentioned foods can lead to your health deterioration if you are a victim of acid reflux. However, the important thing is that you need to remember is that giving up these foods is  a very small price for your quality of life. This can save you from huge medical costs that you would have to bear if you do not control your diet the recommended way. Therefore, value your health as it is precious.

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